farm fresh lunch

What happens to a green tomato that you pick and let sit on your counter for a week? It turns red!  I was planning on making some more fried green tomatoes but all my green tomatoes have ripened.  Oh well, now I can enjoy these delicious tomatoes for lunch.

This sandwich would include hummus from Ragab, spinach from the farm, onion from the farm and local bread.  Delicious!

Off to plant garlic for the afternoon.  See you all later

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3 Responses to farm fresh lunch

  1. Jean Husson says:

    Exactly what happened to mine — for the second time! This time I have a yellow and a red. Green tomatoes are really “Farmer’s Surprises”. I am going into panic mode with Hutchins closing on Sunday.

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I get so much enjoyment from your posts.
    Your food is mouth watering. My wife and I have a Daylily Farm in New Hampshire and I spent much time as a teen working on a dairy farm so I can relate to your farm tales.

    Again, thanks for your effort, it is much appreciated and looked forward to.

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