Farewell Belmont!

All good things must come to an end, and today was that day for the Belmont farmers market.

Thank you to Ragab (who was unable to make it today) and his wife Samira (in the above photo) for making my experience at the Belmont farmers market unforgettable. It was sad to say goodbye to all of my favorite customers and vendors, but the time has come.  I am excited for the winter because we have worked our butts off and deserve a break, but I am   extremely excited to return next spring to the market.  And thank you Ron, my favorite honey guy for the awesome honey and t-shirt!

Taylor and I have been enjoying Carlisle honey in our coffee all season.  Thanks again Ron, this honey is amazing, and if you live in the area you should definitely check them out.  Carlisle Honey.  Good people and great honey!

I cannot believe time is winding down.  I am so excited to take a break, but sad because despite my complaining, this has been the most important year of my life.  Farming is hard work, but it is honest work and I have not done anything like this before.  I am hoping to have a restful winter so I can come back strong next year!

Also, in case you are wondering, I still have over a month left at the Farm.  But most of the farm workers are done this weekend and all of our farmers markets are over.  Don’t worry, there is still plenty more farming to write about!

Have a great night!

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6 Responses to Farewell Belmont!

  1. amy leclerc says:

    The west coast can’t wait to get you farmers out here. Your hard work and bountiful rewards have been so much fun to read about. Love you!

  2. sundya says:

    I always love reading about your days at the farm and the market…hope you keep writing all winter! your recipes are great and have inspired me to make new things, thank you for that! I look forward to more adventures and pictures of your life in the Emerson house!

  3. Karen Anne says:

    Plus, we have to stay up to date on Henry 🙂

  4. liza says:

    oh Ragab and Samira make that market a million times more fun! glad you guys got a picture 🙂

  5. sundya says:

    do you know if Ron, the honey guy, sell’s those great shirts? I would love to order some

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