Lazy Sunday

Do you want to know what makes a Sunday morning special?  Cider donuts is what makes a Sunday morning special.  And this morning Taylor and I drove to Verrill Farm (another local farm stand) and bought ourselves some cider donuts.  They were wonderful and for a chilly Sunday morning what more could you want?

We heated these puppies up in the toaster oven and chatted with Taylor’s mom and dad while they prepared a lovely breakfast.

And after last nights dinner which included me trying to make my own chicken curry, the sweetness of the donuts finally cut down on the heat in my mouth.

The dinner was good, but it was HOT!

I will post the recipe for this later today.  In the meantime Taylor and I are running late for a fun day in the City.  Time to pull out something not plaid from the deep end of my closet.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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2 Responses to Lazy Sunday

  1. Weili says:

    I really enjoy checking in and reading your blog. I was alerted to your lovely blog by the NY Times article of you and your fiance being the new caretakers of Emerson’s house. Keep it up!

  2. Jean Husson says:

    If you need a mild curry powder for your next venture into currydom, Penzey’s makes one called Maharajah Curry Powder that is wonderful. Has saffron in it. There is a Penzey’s shop on Mass Ave in Arlington not far from your Thursday gig in Belmont.

    Glad to see Henry doing all the good things in his job description. Gotta love a dog that eats raw brussel sprouts.

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