Not Organic

This morning it was dark and cold.  I was desperate and so was Taylor. We ran out of coffee and needed to caffeinate before heading up to the farm.  Thank god we found this tiny little hole in the wall coffee shop.  It felt so quaint we couldn’t wait to try it out.  All the florescent lights were helpful at 6 in the morning too.

Yummmm. Dunkin Donuts.  What can I say…….  Sometimes we don’t practice what we preach.

And now this organic farmer needs to get back to work.  Enjoy your Friday!

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3 Responses to Not Organic

  1. amy leclerc says:

    OMG! Did you get a donut hole too?

  2. Jean Husson says:

    You go girl! After all, how can you truly appreciate the good food (make that great food) if you don’t have some junk for contrast. Have a great weekend with Henry & Taylor.

    P.S. Try some cumin in your pasta dish. Also it’s great with cruccolo cheese from Concord Cheese Shop.

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