Dancing In The Kitchen

Sometimes it helps to get groovy in the kitchen and let the creative juices flow.

This is what Taylor does when he is pumped about a good meal.  Sometimes it’s his awesome breakfasts but mostly it is because of his amazing pizza making skills.

I did not cook tonight because I attended an end of the year dinner party for all the farmers market vendors.  However, I am thinking I may need to get dancing in the kitchen tomorrow night to help inspire a new recipe.  Any suggestions? I think a day in the fields will help inspire something.   Or some bedtime reading…..

One of these cookbooks will surely give me some inspiration.  Off to read.  Have a great evening.

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One Response to Dancing In The Kitchen

  1. liz says:

    We’ve had Taylor’s pizzas and they are definitely worthy of a dance. We are trying our best to perfect our pizza on the “Green Egg”. They’re getting better but room to improve for sure.
    Your dad is busy watching your old school, U of O play football. Apparently they are really good this year.
    Imagine what they could do with one of you meals.

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