An Allergic Reaction?

Well……..I spent just over an hour taking down the strings from the tomato stakes.  The process was definitely easier than stringing the tomatoes in the first place.  However, about 30 minutes into the whole process I began to feel very ill.  I mean, I needed to get away from the tomatoes before I lost my lunch. I am not sure what caused the nausea, but I am beginning to think it was because of all the terrible times I spent in that particular tomato patch. 100 degree days…… sun burns……..staking and stringing them……… the smell of rotten tomatoes…… bloody fingers……….. and going totally insane.  Of course, this is all the bad stuff that happened.  I am too stubborn to talk about all the wonderful things, like the best tomatoes I have ever eaten.  And some epic tomato throwing fights with my co-workers!

Man our tomatoes are good!

So I think the problem today, is simply that I am allergic to the act of staking, stringing, and removing all of the above from tomatoes.  This might be a problem in the long run.  I am not going to think about it just now though.

And now I am at home and feeling much better.  And guess what….Taylor is the cook tonight.  I love to cook, but sometimes it is really nice to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine while someone else is in charge.  Case and point:

Enjoying my wine.

Taking the chicken very seriously!

Taylor’s menu tonight was chicken tacos with rice and beans.

They were delicious and hit the spot.

One more glass of wine was involved and now we are ready for bed!

And so is Henry.  Have a great night!


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2 Responses to An Allergic Reaction?

  1. Karen Anne says:

    Sorry you felt bad…

    Is this your own maybe relatively small tomato patch, or a big one on the farm? If it’s a small one, you might want to look into the wire cages like this one:,15172,default,cp.html

    I just plunk one over each seedling when planting and that’s it. They collapse for storing in a small space over winter. If the plants get tall, I put one cage on top of another, bending the feet of the upper one to fit in the lower one, and clamp them together with spring fastened clothespins.

    • drealieberg says:

      Thanks. I am fine, it’s just been a long summer in that particular patch. The tomato patch is a big planting at the farm. The farm has 4 separate plantings and this particular one was the biggest. 6 rows of tomatoes and each row about 100 ft long. I love tomatoes but I am happy they are coming to an end!

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