No Pizza Has Gone Here Before

Tonight I did something that I am not sure has ever been done before.  I went where no pizza has ever gone.  I believe that I am the only one to make this exact pizza because I created this recipe under very extreme circumstances.  I was cold, my fingers where numb, there was still a lot of carrots that needed to be harvested, it was only 10 a.m., I still had 6 hours left of work, and I needed something to keep me going.  Thanks to my farm friend Alex, we came up with the most delicious recipe for a pizza that is known to man.  If you are not a vegetarian or vegan for that matter, this pizza recipe is a MUST!!! But if you are either of those, I apologize for what is about to happen.

First: While I was cold, It thought of bacon

Second: While Alex was cold he thought of pizza

Third: While I was soaking wet I thought of blue cheese

Fourth: While Alex was soaking wet he thought of apples

Fifth: While I was too tired to continue working I thought of maple syrup

Sixth:  While Alex was too tired to continue working he thought of onions

Seventh: The perfect pizza is born

This would be an apple, blue cheese, bacon, onion, and bbq sauce pizza. With a topping of toasted walnuts.  This pretty much equals heaven in my book

Taylor was perfecting the pizza toss

I was sauteing up the onion and cooking the bacon

And then this happened…… the best pizza of my life!  I am not kidding

With a side of arugula salad of course!

Thanks to the Farm I was able to make this meal with organic apples, organic onions, and organic arugula.

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19 Responses to No Pizza Has Gone Here Before

  1. jenna says:

    that. looks. amazing.

  2. Carrie Link says:

    Okay, you got me, that does look good!

  3. sundya says:

    what a great combination of flavors!! (I would need to leave out the bacon, but I bet it would still be delicious!)

  4. Liza says:

    alright, that needs to happen the next time i see you. NEEDS TO.

    bring on the bacon!

  5. amy leclerc says:

    Way to be adventurous!

  6. Tonight. I am making this pizza tonight. WAIT! Do you say elsewhere how to make the dough?

    • drealieberg says:

      Hey Sheri,

      I wish I was that good, but unfortunately the dough is from Trader Joe’s. However, there are really good pizza dough recipes online. But if you are pressed for time, store bought dough will work just fine. The combination of flavors on the pizza were amazing. Have fun making it later!

      • It’s now on the menu for tomorrow night with a couple of girlfriends who are coming over. Trader Joe’s just opened in my neighborhood, so I’m going to get my dough there (thanks for the tip!). Also, wanted to apologize for the self-promotion on my signature on the original message above — my site is new, and I didn’t realize it was carried in my signature. Sorry about that! It’s fixed now, so it won’t happen again. Have a great weekend.

      • drealieberg says:

        Have fun making the pizza! Don’t forget to put crushed walnuts on top. That was one of the best parts. 1 minute before the pizza needs to come out of the oven take it out and sprinkle the walnuts on and put back in for 1 minute! Enjoy!

    • Jean Husson says:

      Your friendly local pizzaria will probably sell you a ball of dough, too.

  7. korinda says:

    Oh man, I cannot wait to make this! I love apples and onions together!

  8. Ceci says:

    mmmmm! Yummy-O! I’m gonna do it! (+ chicken bits)

  9. Julie says:

    and here I was all set to have some pasta tonight…looks like pizza is in the future!

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