Goodbye Amy

My sister is my best friend.  I am so happy she came to Concord to visit me and Taylor.  And what a trooper! She dove right into farm life head first. I cannot thank her enough for such an amazing visit.  And tonight since she is gone, I am too sad to make a proper meal.  Instead, Taylor and I indulged in some leftover cheeses, cured meats, bread, and olives.  Accompanied by some wine of course.  (This is what helps heal my heart after goodbyes). Since I did not cook tonight, I will leave you all with some wonderful photos from my sisters visit.  I will be back to cooking this weekend.

Taylor made this sign. Only a mile and a half to the Farm!

Yes! You made it.

Lets watch Taylor deliver apples to the Farm Stand. Easy does it!

Amy selling bags of White Satin Carrots at the farmers market with me.  She is a true natural!  Who wouldn’t buy carrots from us??? We’re pretty cute!

She got to experience a wonderful meal from Ragab.  This would be spicy stuffed grape leaves.  We enjoyed these with unpictured hummus, tabouli, pita, and olives.  Thank you Ragab for making my sister feel right at home at the Belmont farmers market!  She was truly blown away by how well I eat at these things!



Sporting her very own Hutchins Farm grocery bag!

Buckle your seat belt!

Have a great weekend. I am already thinking about dinner tomorrow night.  Any suggestions?

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3 Responses to Goodbye Amy

  1. Amy leclerc says:

    Concord is a special place full of special people! Taylor & Andrea add a lot of spunk to this area for sure. Thanks for sharing your rewarding lifestyle with me-from dirty farming to sweaty yoga-I feel like I really got a taste of things. Thanks again guys! Can you believe I’m writing this from the plane? Pretty cool. Xxxx

  2. liz says:

    So you got my mouth watering as i read all of the entries while Amy was with you. If i recall correctly while Amy lived in NYC most of her meals were from restaurants. Who would have thought that her little sister would be the one to show her what it really means to dine.
    You girls know how to make things happen. (Amy did an amazing job with work while in NYC the week before she was with you.)
    You both know what it means to work hard and eat well.
    We’re proud of you.

    Welcome home Amy!

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