Carrots Baby!

If I see another crate of carrots I might lose it!  I spent all day working in the farm stand lifting, bagging, and storing crates of carrots.  Each crate weighs roughly 35 pounds.  That is back-breaking work, not to mention we did it all day (I need a yoga class STAT!!!!) Thank god my sister is in town and came to my rescue.  She helped bag 6 crates of carrots for me.

I don’t think I have seen this many carrots in all my life!

I mean that’s a lot of carrots!!!! Bigger than me!

After working hard lifting heavy crates all day, we needed a cocktail when we got home.  We decided to make an oldie but a goodie, by mixing Maker’s Mark with Ginger Beer and a squeeze of lime.  Yum!!!!

Followed by a massive platter of cheese, cured meats, olives, and bread.  My favorite meal!

No vegetarians in my household!

We are ready for bed!  See you all after the Belmont Farmers Market tomorrow.

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One Response to Carrots Baby!

  1. Andrea! Thanks so much for taking the time for the blog…don’ ask me why, but I find it very reassuring- and calming – that you are some how managing this very basic back to the earth sort of lifestyle (as a very young person) in a world where most of the young people seem to be stalled in a technological /celebrity stew! I caught on to this from the New York Times article (sanity life-line!)!!
    Thanks! Enjoy! Flare!

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