Running 50 Miles

I will not be running 50 miles.  But a good friend of ours will be running 50 miles today and Taylor and I are driving up to Vermont to watch him finish.  Being a long distance runner myself (nothing further than a marathon)  the idea of watching a friend cross the finish line of a 50 mile race really excites me.  I have no desire to run 50 miles, but I like the idea of waiting at the finish eating snacks, sitting down, and watching people cross the line.  Before we leave today I need to fuel up for the event.  It’s a lot of work cheering people on.  I am currently about to dive into this delicious breakfast.  A whole wheat english muffin topped with almond butter and pumpkin butter.  Pumpkin butter is pretty much my go to topping for breakfast during the Fall.  I should be making this from scratch, and will in due time, however, this particular pumpkin butter is from Trader Joe’s.  And it is pretty darn good!

And we are off!  Wish my friend good luck.  This is a huge race!

Henry is coming to cheer him on too.

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6 Responses to Running 50 Miles

  1. Randy Harris says:

    Hi Guys,
    I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the wonderful story from the Times.
    I want to say, it was great meeting you and I hope next time Im up, want to check out that bar a little more… ;^)

    Love your blog too..
    Thank you,

    • drealieberg says:

      Hey Randy!

      We loved the pictures in the Times! Thank you so much for hanging out with us that day and making us feel comfortable. The pictures turned out awesome!
      You definitely need to swing back by to the bar, we have upgraded and now have bar stools. It is the real deal now!
      Also, if you still have any of the pictures could you email them to me. WE would love to see more.

      Thanks for visiting the blog!

      • Karen Anne says:

        With Firefox, if you right click on one of the Times photos and then click on Save Image As in the menu that comes up, you can save those photos that way.

  2. Jean Husson says:

    Hope your friend does well — 50 miles is beyond my ken. Sorry you are missing the Stone Soup Dinner in Concord tonight. Menu sounds yummy all around.

  3. Karen Anne says:

    How’s Henry doing with his weight? All I can see in that photo is his head 🙂

    • drealieberg says:

      Haha! He has a very big head! He has gained 3 pounds since we got him. It is slowly coming on, but he is still very thin. The vet said it may take 6-9 months before he is at his healthy weight. The good news is that he has a huge appetite. He will eat anything!

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