Early To Bed, Early To Rise

It’s past this farmers bedtime.  I will give a recap of the farmers market tomorrow.  Also, looking forward to cooking with brussels sprouts. They have made their debut at the farm and I need to get my hands on them asap!  I am heading off to bed to dream about brussels sprout recipes, winter squash recipes, and apple pie recipes.  I love the Fall!  Tomorrow nights dinner with hopefully have a little of all those flavors.


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4 Responses to Early To Bed, Early To Rise

  1. sundya says:

    looking forward to your delicious recipes!! especially the apple pie!! I’m an east coast girl and we’re living in Maui at the moment, which is nice, but I really miss the change of seasons and the wonderful farms!! xxo

  2. drealieberg says:

    I love Hawaii, but would have a hard time come Fall! I am trying to tackle my first apple pie recipe this weekend and will let you know how it turns out. If it’s really good I should send you a slice from here! There is nothing like organic New England apples!

  3. Julie says:

    Roasted brussels sprouts are the BEST. THE BEST! Brussels sprouts with cream and bacon…yummy.

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