Apple Picking 101

I had my first experience apple picking today.  I have always fantasized about apple picking, but when it came down to it I had 4 main tasks to fulfill.

1. Pick the biggest of the variety

2. Pick the best colored apples of that variety

3. Don’t pick the bad ones

4. Don’t fall off the ladder.

I succeeded in all of the above!  Apple picking was great.  I got to spend the afternoon picking with Taylor and we filled an entire apple crate full of Empire apples.  They are extremely tasty and I ate way to many of them.

Picking the best looking apples on the tree

Gently emptying them into the apple crate

Moving on to the next tree.  That is a big ladder!


Taylor driving them up to the farm to be sold!

What a day.  We are getting ready to do some errands and then we will be back soon to cook up dinner.  I am thinking beet soup.  Hopefully it turns out well.

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