An Apple Boost

I am getting ready to head into work.  However, I’m still feeling pretty under the weather.  I am hoping my breakfast will help cure all the aches and pains I am feeling this morning.

I wanted something fresh yet hearty and decided I needed some of my friend Tamsen’s homemade strawberry jam.  She gave Taylor and me 6 jars because we were flying through them so fast.

She is going to show me how to can next season since I was a little behind schedule and did not can at all this year!  Live and learn.

I toasted up some local harvest bread from Nashoba Brook Bakery, and smeared on some almond butter and jam. I enjoyed the toast alongside a Hutchins Farm apple.  I think the apple is going to  be the key here.  Our apples are not like any ordinary apples,  they are definitely more nutritious, better tasting, and you will feel like a new person after eating just one.  At least I do!

Off to the farm.

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2 Responses to An Apple Boost

  1. Jean Husson says:

    Hope you are feeling better. I just got my copy of Food to Live By and it looks like my kind of food. Good reading tonight. Thanks for recommending it. Best to Taylor & Henry.

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