A Walk Around Hutchins

We normally have Monday’s off.  However, since we missed a few days this week for the Reach the Beach Relay race we decided to put in a little work up at the farm.

Henry wanted to come too

The two boys

This ancient looking thing is called a row marker.  Two people walk it down a bed in a straight line and it puts little holes in the soil where the plants need to be planted.  In this case it was used to plant lettuce.  You can see how small they are when we first plant them in the ground.

Lots of apples

Kale! This looks like it is still a few weeks away from being able to harvest.

Henry harvesting corn


And that’s our office.  Not too bad

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4 Responses to A Walk Around Hutchins

  1. Jean Husson says:

    That tree is one of my favorite Concord landmarks — right up there with Emerson House, Orchard House and Walden. (Henry’s catching on. He’ll be a real farmer yet, the lucky dog!)

    • drealieberg says:

      I know! I am training him to be the next farm employee! He is a quick learner and if I can swing it, he will be my fill in for days that I am sick.

      That tree truly is amazing! I am a lucky girl. The farm is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Along with the Emerson House (how did I swing both of these amazing places?)

  2. liza says:

    i love this post. it makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside 🙂

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