Breakfats of Champions!

We did it!

In a last-minute change of plans, Taylor was able to join our Reach The Beach team.  And together 12 of us ran 209 miles! This is one of those events that questions your sanity a bit. However, somehow you make it through and it turns out to be a wonderful experience.  We had so much fun despite the lack of sleep, too many granola bars, and lots of hard running.  More pictures of the event when one of our teammates emails them to me.

We made it home late last night and were super excited to be reunited with Henry!

Liza came and stayed with Henry for an overnight while we were away.  I was so excited to get back to him. I think the feeling was mutual.  He seems very happy to have us home.

We woke today extremely sore, and very hungry.  We decided to make do with what we had in our pantry/fridge and made a nice breakfast.  We were in the mood for some eggs and hash browns.  Here is what we did:

First peeled and shredded 4 potatoes (I believe these are Yukon Gold) from the farm of course.

Then fried these up in some butter over medium high heat on the stove top.

While that was going we made some scrambled eggs.  A very easy and simple breakfast.  But it hit the spot.

Henry was hoping some of those awesome hash browns would drop on the floor, but he was unlucky, I ate them all up!

Off to organize my life.  It is amazing how much catching up needs to be done after just 2 days being away.

We are going up to the farm later to harvest before dinnertime.  I will let you know whats cooking at our house later on.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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4 Responses to Breakfats of Champions!

  1. jenna says:

    wow, wow – congrats! that looks like the perfect post-epic race meal.

  2. robshearer says:

    Way to go guys… now don’t forget that I’ve got you both booked to be on the Hood to Coast team for next year!

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