A Farmer On The Run

If I see another granola bar I might throw up!  I haven’t slept in over 36 hours, I just finished my third leg of the Reach the Beach relay race, and I need a hamburger, a beer, and shower in that very order.

Back to regular blogging tomorrow.

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2 Responses to A Farmer On The Run

  1. sundya says:

    I just recently found your blog through the article in the NY Times about the Emerson House and have read every post! I love your recipes, hearing about your days on the farm, and at the farm stand (and that you recently adopted Henry). Being able to live in that beautiful house for free, in exchange for cleaning it , of course, and being able to work on an organic farm is just so amazing!! I know it’s really hard work and long hours, but, you get through it and somehow still manage to cook a great meal…and that’s awesome! It seems like the perfect place to be and the perfect job. Looking forward to your next post!! sundya

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