Early Morning….

Well…..Henry did not wake us up this morning, however, both Taylor and I were anxious to take him outside bright and early.  We woke up at 6:30 this morning and came downstairs to grab him from his crate.  He was a good dog and slept the whole night without a peep in his new crate.  We feel as though we are very lucky to already have a dog that seems to be pretty housebroken.  We do not know the full history of Henry, but he seems to have a few minor issues that we are confident we can work through.  So far he is a great dog!

Since we were up so early on our day off from the farm we decided to take full advantage of the day.  We took Henry on a nice walk so Taylor and I could grab some coffee.  We have decided this will be our Sunday morning tradition.  I love having coffee out! There is  something extra special about going out for coffee on a Sunday morning.  Especially with  a new dog along for the ride!

Once we got home Taylor decided to get cooking in the kitchen!  We had scrambled eggs with farm fresh peppers, onions, and tomatoes!  It hit the spot!

With a side of buttered toast of course!

I am hoping to train Henry how to harvest all of the veggies at the farm that I don’t particularly love harvesting! He seems pretty smart so far, and with the correct training I think I can pull this off!!!!  I am not sure what the bosses would think, but a girl can dream!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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2 Responses to Early Morning….

  1. Jean Husson says:

    Henry looks terrific — what a lucky dog! I’ve been trying to teach my 17-year-old cat to vacuum. Hope Henry is a quicker study than MacGregor…….

  2. Pam Lewis says:

    Henry looks like a love! Plum pickled out!

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