Nothing A Beer Can’t Cure!

The hottest, longest, most difficult week I have had on the farm is over! I am crossing my fingers that the 95 plus degree weather is over for the season.  I am hoping that before we all know it, I am complaining about cold fingers! The upside to my day was coming home to a mysterious package in the mail. My brother and his awesome girlfriend sent me the coolest farmer shirt I have ever seen!  It is even pink which is one of my favorite colors! Not many farmers wear pink! I had to celebrate by modeling my new shirt and drinking a beer to celebrate the end of a long week!

Taylor and I are off to harvest some ingredients for a really simple, light, and quick dinner.  It has been too hot this week to “really” cook and I apologize for the lack of recipes.  Next week when the weather is cooler, I have a few new recipes that I am going to play around with and share with you all!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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