Heat Wave 2010 Continues!

Is it over yet?  Today Liza and I went to the Belmont Farmers Market.  We are lucky to be alive if you ask me! Sitting in the back of a Macy’s parking lot on a 100 degree humid summer day sounds inhumane right? I am glad we had collard greens to fan ourselves off with!

We also had lots of apples to sell, which surprisingly people braved the weather to come and buy!

Plus, Liza found the biggest tomato I have ever seen!

We tried to stay hydrated and sane throughout the whole day.

And thank god we had Ragab pull through and feed us lunch! I swear, if Ragab was not at the Belmont Farmers Market I might go hungry.  He brightens my day each time!

Liza and I came home, hot, dehydrated, tired, and sticky. It’s a tough life in the farm world!  Thank god I wasn’t in the fields today.  Those guys must have suffered even more!

Well, I am off to put a cold wash cloth on my head and hit the sack. Have a great night!

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