Welcome Home!

I am pretty sure I have heat stroke, a major rash from harvesting summer squash, and blackish green fingernails from harvesting tomatoes all afternoon.  Man is it great to be back!  There is no easing back into farm work, you dive in head first and go from there!  The best part of today was having a wonderful dinner at Taylor’s parents house with great family and friends.  It happened to be my birthday today and I was very excited to end my first day back at the farm with a wonderful family meal with people I love.  Not only was the food great………

Here is Tamsen with our wonderful appetizer plate full of prosciutto, salami, cheese, and olives.  The main course was just as tasty ( however, I may have been too excited to eat my dinner of grilled chicken and twice baked potatoes to capture the beauty!) But let me tell you, it was a wonderful way to end a hot day in the fields.  Plus, I may have a new toy to play with when I wake up tomorrow morning…..(Dad get ready for this you are going to be jealous!!)

This would be my very own Garmin Watch!!!! It will track my minute mile pace, distance, and well a whole bunch of other stuff I am not even sure of yet.  I think this thing will vacuum our house if I put it on the right setting!  I don’t think  I have ever mentioned this on the blog before, but I am an avid runner and wake up 5 mornings a week before going to work on the farm and run.   I have been a runner for over 5 years now and to be honest I was nervous about how I was going to continue running while working on the farm.  The hours at the farm are long, it is very physical, and sometimes really emotionally draining.  Running however, has always been something that keeps me sane and I have been able to train my body to wake up at the crack of dawn and run before work.  And something amazing has happened since working at the farm, I have become a faster runner!! I think farming has been so physically hard for me that running has become such a piece of cake that I am able to go faster than I ever have before!  Plus, now that I have my new watch I will really be able to track my speed and distance for running.  Thank you Taylor, Jamie, Charlotte, and John for the wonderful birthday present!   It will be used all of the time!

Bring on 27, I think this year is full of wonderful things to come!

Have a great night.  And if you are in Massachusetts, I sure hope you have air conditioning.  Oregon, I miss you already!

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6 Responses to Welcome Home!

  1. drealieberg says:

    Happy birthday, Andrea! Aren’t you the lucky girl…with two families who love you so…one on each coast. the watch out to help out on your next big running adventure. Better learn how to use it.
    I had the staff come over for dinner tonight as a way to clelbrate the beinginning of the school year. We had many wonderful things to eat but I must say your kale chips were a big hit.
    Happy running.
    By the way it was raining today. Goodbye summer.


    • drealieberg says:

      thanks lizzy,
      by the way you are singed in as me on your computer at home! I think you have to go up to the dashboard and log out. I will call you later to fix it! love you so much! I wish it was raining here. The heat is killing me!

  2. Liza says:

    Happy Birthday!! Dinner looks like it was so much fun! I cant wait to see that awesome watch in action and hear about Oregon!!!

  3. Carrie Link says:

    Belated happy birthday!

  4. Rob says:

    This should help you in your training for the 2011 Hood to Coast! We’re counting on you being on the team!

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