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Carrots Baby!

If I see another crate of carrots I might lose it!  I spent all day working in the farm stand lifting, bagging, and storing crates of carrots.  Each crate weighs roughly 35 pounds.  That is back-breaking work, not to mention … Continue reading

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Andrea Had A Little Lamb…..

And it was damn tasty! While I was busy planting lettuce today, my sister went to the butcher and came home with this lovely rack of lamb.  The only instructions she gave me where to come home from the Farm … Continue reading

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Dinner For Three

It has been so great having my sister in town.  We have really been living it up in the short amount of time since she arrived.  Our first stop once she got settled in to our place was the Farm.  … Continue reading

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Loving The Rain

Today is my Sunday. I love Sundays because we normally don’t have much of an agenda and it is the only day of the week that we have 100 percent off.  We don’t have to clean the Emerson House or … Continue reading

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Run Brian Run!

While our good friend Brian was busy running 50 miles today, Taylor and I decided to take Henry for a 6 mile hike. The hike went pretty well, but Henry can be a little bit of a handful when other … Continue reading

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Running 50 Miles

I will not be running 50 miles.  But a good friend of ours will be running 50 miles today and Taylor and I are driving up to Vermont to watch him finish.  Being a long distance runner myself (nothing further … Continue reading

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I went where no beet has gone before….  Beet soup!  (okay, so many people have probably made beet soup, but this is something totally new for me and I am going to bask in my glory.)  This recipe totally knocked … Continue reading

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