Farm Fresh In Portland!

We have been going nonstop since arriving in Portland Wednesday night!  One thing that has been consistent is the great food we have been eating along the way!  We were really busy Thursday afternoon and decided to stop for a nice lunch in NE Portland.  I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this before, but Portland, Oregon might just be the best city in the country for good restaurants.  Maybe I am being biased because I am from here but I have not found a better city to eat my way through than Portland, Oregon.  If you have never been here I urge to come for a visit!  Your taste buds will thank you!   Now on to lunch Thursday. My mom knew of a nice local Italian inspired restaurant Lucca.  They have their own garden and most of their produce they grow themselves.  We were fortunate to arrive on a very special day.  Thursday night was going to be their tomato harvest party and we got to sample some amazing heirloom tomatoes!  

My mom and I shared the heirloom tomato sandwich on house made focaccia bread.  It was out of this word!  There was even a slice of cured pancetta in the sandwich!  I have a slight obsession with cured meats and this was amazing! We also enjoyed our sandwich with a side salad (farm fresh!)


The best lunch I have had in a while! Thanks lizzy!

Since we are farmers from the East Coast we decided it would be fun to drive out to farm country out in Oregon.  Taylor and I did a beautiful drive through the Hood River Valley.  I had a major craving for a fresh peach and we stopped at a little farm stand and I was not disappointed.  Not only did we grab a GIANT peach, but we also impulsively bought a slice of huckleberry pie.  (I do not have any self-control when pie is involved!

Giant peach!

Giant bite

Another giant bite!

Huckleberry pie!


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1 Response to Farm Fresh In Portland!

  1. Carrie Link says:

    That IS a giant peach! A slight obsession with cured meats? Is there a cure, get it, CURE, for that?

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