Goodmorning From Portland!

We woke up to a breakfast I have been dreaming about for weeks!

My Mother’s famous Morning Glory Muffins!  They are moist, dense, and loaded with good ingredients such as carrots, raisins, coconut, pecans, apples, and cinnamon!  I will get the recipe for you all and post it later!  They are worth traveling cross-country for! I have tried making these myself, but they just never taste the same as my mom’s do! 3000 miles is worth it to me to taste the real deal.  Taylor enjoyed his muffin with a cup of coffee in my parents backyard.

I love being home!!!! There is something really special about growing up, moving away, and somehow you come home and everything seems just as you remember it!  I love that!  I even went on one of my favorite runs this morning and it felt SO good to do something so familiar, yet it has been a long time since I ran this particular loop.

I look a little less than thrilled in this picture, but I promise, it was an amazing run and I am so happy to be home!  Get ready for some awesome food recipes this weekend.  My mom is the best cook I know and I cannot wait to share some of her recipes with everyone!  Enjoy your Thursday!

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2 Responses to Goodmorning From Portland!

  1. Carrie Link says:

    You really did learn from the best! Enjoy every moment at home with lizzy and Eric!

    • drealieberg says:

      Thanks Carrie,

      I am sorry we missed each other!!! November may have to be when we catch up over a cup of coffee!

      Enjoy Sisters!!


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