What’s Cooking in Portland!

This week has been rough.  I have been so sleepy the past two nights that dinner has been takeout! Even organic farmers have to resort to takeout sometimes!  I am ashamed to admit this because we are spoiled with all sorts of wonderful veggies.  However, desperate times call for desperate measures. I was a wreck last night and needed food stat!  This is what dinner looked liked:

Cheese pizza! It was just what I needed!

Garden salad………not what I needed! I took one bite of the tomato and spit it out.  You have not tasted a real tomato unless it is ripe off the vine.  That goes for the lettuce too, this was gross!  I will not reveal the place we went, it was a local place.  However, I will say the pizza was worth the trip.  I am pretty sure my days of ordering salads at restaurants is over. If I am eating out, I want to order something I don’t normally cook at home. (Although, if my memory is correct, I just whipped up one of the best pizzas of my life a few nights ago!)  That is an exception. Normally, I tend to order what I am afraid to cook. I believe this is a good rule for everyone .  Why go out if you can cook it better yourself?

Moving on……my wonderful mom (lizzy) spent today whipping up something I have never attempted in the kitchen.  Pickled Beets!!!  My mother and her wonderful friend Pam spent the afternoon in Portland, Oregon whipping something amazing up!  They followed one important rule I gave them, which is to purchase your beets from a local farmers market. They obliged.

Here is what happened in Portland, Oregon tonight:

First comes the beets!

Then comes two great friends!

Let the pickling begin!

They are canning pickled beets for mine and Taylor’s wedding!!!!!  Apparently the symbolism of beets is LOVE! You gotta love that!

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4 Responses to What’s Cooking in Portland!

  1. pam says:

    We had so much fun today! Not only did we can beets, but we are having beet green chips, sauted beet greens, garlic and onions, and beet and cucumber salad. Hats off to love! You have so many fairy godmothers that are looking after you!

    • drealieberg says:


      Thanks for checking out the blog! I am so glad you and lizzy had fun yesterday. I am happy to hear that you utilized all the beet greens! They are so tasty! Looking forward to seeing you this winter!

  2. liz says:

    We had beet juice all over. We even bottled it in these wonderful old Shasta Water bottles. We have varying degrees of color from a light red to a deep purple that is almost black. Then we put some candles behind them and they looked wonderful on the table. No we did not drink the beet juice as these bottles are a little suspect in the cleanliness department.
    No need to share what color we’re seeing today…if you know what i mean.

    Today peaches!
    Truly not all salads are created equal.

  3. Carrie Link says:

    Love the pictures and love the comments by the participants. Can’t wait to taste the beets at your wedding!

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