A Country Bumpkin Is Born

I loved New Hampshire.  I have not spent much time there, but I sure enjoyed it.  There were so many small family farms and the whole state seemed to have a laid back vibe.  Totally not what I expected from New Hampshire.  We began our trip staying with our good friends Brian and Tamsen on her parents property.  There were chickens, cows, corn, squash, tomatoes, and a maple syrup barn.  Wonderful!

We enjoyed a garden fresh breakfast of fresh eggs with squash, tomatoes, and broccoli.  Along with fresh bread with Tamsen’s homemade blueberry jam.  Perfection!  (By the way, I came home with two jars of her jam.  She is my canning hero! Remember I missed the canning boat this year and now I have to rely on more on-top of it friends to mooch off of!)

After we were fueled up, Taylor and I headed up to the Bemis property to visit with family.  This part of New Hampshire was beautiful.  There we so many small farm stands which all seemed to have the honor system!  You just put your money in an envelope and grabbed your goods! AMAZING!

We enjoyed hiking, swimming, and of course eating fresh veggies!  I think I could move out to New Hampshire and milk cows, make jam, and hang out with the locals at the county fair.  Simplicity seems to be the way life is in New Hampshire.  I am on board with that!

I am off to the farm to harvest some veggies for dinner tonight.  I will let you know what I come up with.  Only 18 more hours of standing upright until another week at the farm begins.  I am going to soak this up!  See you all in a bit!

The New Hampshire house!

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