New Hampshire Or Bust

Another week has come to an end. Yesterday was one of the hardest days I have had on the farm, but I feel great about the work I did, even if at times I was really struggling.  The good news is that I ended the week at the Union Square Farmers Market with my farmer friend Caryn.  We had a blast and successfully sold most of our produce.  We enjoyed chatting with customers, talking about recipes, and munching on giant tomatoes.  The perfect fuel for two hard working farmers!

Now Taylor and I are off to New Hampshire for the weekend.  We are going to his family’s farm property up there and scoping things out.  It should be a fun trip.  I love the New England countryside!

What more could a person want?  A basket full of fresh organic produce!  We will be cooking up some of the deliciousness this weekend. This basket screams summer!  What are some of your favorite summer dishes?

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5 Responses to New Hampshire Or Bust

  1. amy leclerc says:

    Hum…favorite summer dishes? Pretty much starts and ends with handcrafted margaritas. Can’t wait for you to teach me a thing or two.

    Oh, and I cannot eat enough mangoes, pineapple and avacados. When will Hervé realize he married an Islander and whisk me off to Tahiti?!


    • drealieberg says:

      hand crafted ritas may just be my favorite thing as well. We can definitely make them farm fresh when you are here. (or at least as farm fresh as possible)

      No mangoes, pineapple, or avacados here, but plenty of other things to make you happy. Yes, you belong somewhere tropical.


  2. liz says:

    Have fun in New Hampshire. You are doing a wonderful job of demystfying the romanticized notion of working on an organic farm. Clearing you are working harder than you ever have and “reaping” the benefits on multiple levels; body, mind, and spirit. i love the way your enthusiasm and exhaustion are such partners.
    Also i love tomatoe pie so i will try your version.

  3. candy blash says:

    if you need a good margarita recipe, let me know. but i’m getting to love veggies more thanks to you!
    summer dish: fingerling potatoes, halved and boiled firm; little pear shaped tomatoes of various colors; kalmata olives; fresh basil and/or flat leaf parsley; garlic if you like; saute all lightly in olive oil and sprinkle with coarse salt

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