Farm fresh chili?

Well….not exactly, but pretty darn close.  I chose a chili recipe that called for ground turkey instead of beef because that is what we have in our freezer.  I used a recipe from as a guideline but totally ended up making this up as I went along.  The end result was nothing short of AMAZING! Since we had yesterday off from the farm I had extra energy to spend a lot more time in the kitchen.  Including baking zucchini muffins that would be consumed this morning!

Last nights menu: Turkey chili with beans, corn, and peppers. (also, non-homemade corn bread)

I started by sauteing fresh garlic, green pepper, and onion (all from the farm) in extra virgin olive oil.  I then added the ground turkey and corn kernels that I cut off from the cob

Then I added diced tomatoes, kidney beans, tomato paste and a Corona into the mix

Followed by lots of chili powder, cumin, crushed red pepper flakes and hot sauce. Topped of with a little sour cream and pepper jack cheese. Yum.  To tell  you the truth it was a little too toasty outside last night for chili but we washed it down with an iced cold Corona and that made all the difference.

Two happy and satisfied farmers.

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2 Responses to Farm fresh chili?

  1. Carrie Link says:

    I hope you take this the right way, you are SO your mother’s daughter!

    Corona goes with everything, BTW.

  2. drealieberg says:

    I totally am my mothers daughter. Who new I would actually like being in the kitchen so much!

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